GosuGear was founded in 2009 and incorporates the affinity for the far eastern way of life as well as the love of music and things modern.
Can you tell me a little about yourself before we continue with this interview, such as where you grew up? How old are you? 
a general background of yourself, your interests and what gives you motivation through the days and weeks of your life?
Here we go. Alex and me are both from a really nice town in the middle of germany. we are both over 40 years old ( old farts ) but never grew up in our minds! We both love all genres of rock music and also the modern lifestyle. 
We do not make a living out of GOSU GEAR as you can imagine. In fact 90 percent of the shirt labels out there can’t do that, but we love to release cool shirts and that is the reason why we are doing this! 
Where does the name GOSUGEAR come from? What are its origins and meaning?
In ancient times the word GOSU was used for the most dangerous samurais to protect the king. Nowadays it is still used in the gaming scene for kids that rule in a computer game. They are called Gosus. But it is also used as a word for someone who is outstanding in whatever his profession is……
GOSUGEAR was founded in 2009, but I am sure the ideas for a clothing brand were in the making for quite some time. 
In fact: No. Alex and me met somewhere in town and were talking about our future projects and we both recognized that we love shirts and design. Alex has worked for a Shirt label long before and i am deeply connected into the metal / hardcore music scene, and so we decided to give it a try making our own label…..after this initial idea, we set together and thought about the concept and stuff like that. three weeks later the first three shirts were released ;-)

When did you and Alex first begin brainstorming for GOSUGEAR, and was GOSUGEAR your first choice for a brand name, were there other possibilities? If so what were they?
of course there were a few other names, but this one was the most catchy one and so we took it.

Starting a brand is not an easy thing to do, there are many things one must consider such as visions and goals, identity and not to mention all of the business aspects.
What are some difficulties GOSUGEAR has faced and how has the team been able to persevere and continue growing? 
We never had any problems financing the next releases through the sales of the releases before. As i said before, we can’t make a living out of it, but we are still abel to continue releasing shirts without getting broke..hahah…that is more than other labels can say…haha. I think the most important thing is to build a true fan base. The most difficult thing is to get into the local stores. They are all afraid of spending money for a small brand. They even buy FAMOUS or BILLABONG for a lot of money….but hey! Does no one see, that these brands are way to expensive and their designs just suck?? But as long as people buy it nothing will change. sad but true.

While it is expected starting your own brand, garnering a following and being a successful business is hard work,
What are some aspects which you have found to be enjoyable about the hard work? How does GOSUGEAR stay motivated?
It’s always the fun finding new cool designs and release them on a quality shirt. this is it. And if we get positive feedback from people outside, then it is even more motivating for us to go on.

and lastly,
As a company how do you plan on continuing growth over the next year/years, and what long term hopes and goals are on the agenda for GOSUGEAR?
In fact we are only thinking from one release to the next. You may call it short minded but we call it a benefit! We are not under the pressure to earn shitload of money. We make small steps and do not sell ourselves. For example: we had offers from one of the biggest mailorder in europe to get in their catalogue with a few shirts, but the price they offered to us was ridiculous. Thy just wanted to screw us. It would have helped to spread our name, but for what price?? Don’t sell yourself and keep on loving what you do. Then it all works fine.  
Thanks to GOSUGEAR for the interview check out their sick designs and t-shirts over at http://www.gosugearclothing.com/

PINK’N’CHEWY Interview with GREG

How’s it going Greg? And thanks for being a part of this magazine.


What up, Ivan? Hope the magazine is really starting to come together.


Stylishly inappropriate is a perfect tagline for your clothing brand.


How did Pink’N’Chewy come about? From where do you draw inspiration?

PinkNChewy is a name that has been with me forever. From way back when in my “club promoting” days to message boards and anywhere and everywhere in between. It has always been my way of just being silly. I never wanted to be a club promoter, but people would keep showing up to events I would do. So I tried to think of the most anti-club promoter name as possible and it was more so just a joke between my friends and me. When I started working on this t-shirt company, it was actually my biz partner Jason that goes “Why aren’t we using PinkNChewy?” And from that day forward, we became The PinkNChewy T-Shirt Co. 

We draw inspiration from everything. We love vintage and retro so we really attempt to make our stuff look a bit throwback when we can. A lot of our sayings have been things ourselves or our friends have been using for years so we decided to throw them on a shirt and see if people outside our circle enjoy them as much as we do.

Some would say your shirts could be offensive, but of course everything is done in fun and for jest,


What would be too offensive? Have you ever had to cut an idea because it was too out there? or is there no limit?

[Some] could say our shirts are offensive…sure. But everything is tongue and cheek. Nothing is outright dirty. And we are aiming for funny. If a shirt can be funny, we will make it. We aren’t aiming to be a company like some of the other companies that just make shirts to be obnoxious and racial and disgusting or whatever. That isn’t us. We have a bit of a sexual overtone and some are more silly then others, but end of the day, we are trying to make shirts that people want to wear out in everyday life. We will poke fun at men, women, sexual orientation, race, etc. But we do it in a fun way. Not in a way to be offensive or hurtful. Hopefully people get that. 

So to answer your question, yes. There is a limit. We aim for inappropriate and funny. Not obnoxious and hurtful. 

If the world was ending, what part would your T-shirts play in saving the world? 


If the world was ending, our shirts would not save the world one bit. But hopefully if someone saw a shirt a few seconds before they died, they would go, “that is a damn funny shirt!” and at least die with a smile on their face. 

Make sure to check out pinknchewy.com for awesome tshirts


Did you guys ever think about how successful you would end up being? What sort of goals did you set for yourself in the beginning?
We don’t consider ourselves successful as of yet. There’s still a lot of ground to cover but I can tell you that we never thought we’d be selling shirts all over the globe. Thanks to the internet and to a lot of awesome bloggers such as yourself, spreading a little bit of venom here and there has helped us grow significantly. In the beginning we had no goals. Just make stuff in hopes that it would sell. The first Twin Serpent iteration was a total failure even though we did manage to sell a quite a few tees locally. We probably could’ve kept going but we started attracting the wrong kinds of people and then the cops. Not what we had in mind so we decided to brand our stuff differently and little by little we had a set vision.

Did you ever think about quitting?

I’m not gonna lie. I have thought about quitting a couple of times. Running a brand takes A LOT of your time. Sometimes you neglect family, friends and yourself. Thankfully I have an understanding girl who is very supportive. Getting married soon so she’ll be part of the team on a full time basis. 

What has kept you in the T-Shirt business? What drives Twin Serpents to continue doing what they are doing?

I think seeing the process of art being created and then turned into a wearable piece of art has kept us doing business. Having people love what you love and meeting a ton of artists and professional individuals who share the same vision(s) is the best feeling out there. What drives us? The fear of just occupying space. Trying to stay busy with TV, video games, the streets and just not be bored scares the hell out of me. 

Does the commitment ever bring about any frustration?

In all honestly, I like the commitment. Before TS, I would have a job every other month. I was afraid of staying in one place for long periods of time. I would move from state to state and from job to job. Focusing on new ideas, way to reach every corner of the world and of course, fulfilling orders keeps us grounded and….I do not miss staying mobile. I mean, I do like to travel but not moving. Ha.

What has been the hardest part of your journey?

It has to be staying original and not jumping on the trend wagon. Also trying to stay up to date with all these social media outlets.

If you guys could go back in time, what words of wisdom and advice would you have for your younger versions?

Do everything right from the get go. Don’t just jump into the abyss. Knowledge is out there, you just have to study it,learn it and put it to work. Google is your best friend.

Thanks for the interview Ivan. Some really good questions. If you need anything else, let a brotha know.

Thanks to Rob for the interview responses, check out the sick t-shirts at http://store.twinserpents.com/


After reading about how Seventh Ink started I am very impressed with the work ethic you have shown as well as your dedication and commitment to keeping things fresh.
How do you keep coming up with new and innovative t-shirt designs? How do you stay ahead of competition? 
I often have ideas for series and shirt/print concepts when I’m watching movies, sketching, and sometimes sleeping. Seeing certain things can trigger new ideas, and sometimes it’s actually a conversation that will spark an idea. Keeping a fresh eye on art and design trends gives me inspiration as well, and I especially try to do things that I haven’t seen other people doing to avoid being repetitive.  
What challenges do you face when working on designs? what is your creative process like?
Time! The main battle I fight is time. I work as a freelance designer/illustrator most of the day, so finding time to work on the more and more elaborate designs that I’m doing for Seventh.Ink can be very tricky. I’ve started working on lines way ahead of their release date to try and stay ahead, but even giving myself a large timeline doesn’t always help. In the end, things tend to usually work out and lines are released on time. 
My creative process is simple: 
1. Sketch/concept either freehand or digitally
2. Digital inks followed by digital colors. (Easier said than) Done!
Starting your own brand is a big investment and can entail some risk, however when one is rewarded as you have been, in the end all the hard work is worth it.
What advice do you have for someone trying to start their own brand? 
Don’t do what other people are doing, stay true to yourself and create a brand that is unique. Check out blogs and articles about running a clothing line, do your research up front and avoid diving in headfirst without any prep. Running a line is very hard work as you said, but it’s worth it after you figure out how to do it.
The t-shirt business has become saturated due to the ease with which one can design a shirt, this is not to say all are of the best quality.
How does a t-shirt brand make itself stand out from the rest? What makes, in your opinion, the difference between a t-shirt brand and a successful T-shirt brand?
There are a ton of great ways to stand out, from marketing materials and techniques to the designs of your brand. My focus is and has been on great designs on quality products. I’ve always printed on American Apparel shirts, and a few years ago I upgraded to printing custom tags in my shirts. A year and a half ago I made the switch to water based inks and I’ve never looked back. I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve the quality of my product, but as it stands right now my customers are very happy with the items they receive from me. 
Speaking of, having great customers is crucial to running a successful brand. This translates to customer satisfaction, which in turn generates customer loyalty. I have a pretty solid fan base that has taken years to build, and it’s fun to see orders come through from my regulars when I release new products because that makes me feel like I’ve done a good job that they approve of. Your customers will determine whether you sink or swim, so keep them happy and you’ll find reward in that. 
Thank you again for your interest.
Thanks for having me! 
Company Overview:
Seventh.Ink is a one man brand featuring designs by artist and designer Matthew Johnson. Founded in 2007, Seventh.Ink continues to be an evolving entity that combines original artwork with tantalizing concepts to create awesome products that can’t be found anywhere else. 

7thInk has amazing art on their t-shirts, make sure to shop at http://www.seventhink.com/

7thInk and their newest line:


The MSTRPLAN brings to mind government conspiracy,
How exactly did you come up with the name The MSTRPLAN?
I wanted a name that was recognizable and also ominous sounding to go with the brands overall theme. I remember in high school, I would write design ideas and names into my binder or jot them down onto my phone’s notepad. Two names that I had stood out were MIND CTRL and MSTRMIND. Both were ominous and I liked the somewhat abbreviated form they had been written down in. But as brand names, they didn’t really click with me. After more brainstorming, I eventually realized that all masterminds have a scheme or agenda to push; their master plan. 
It was then that I decided to continue with the half abbreviated name convention and chose my brand’s name to be The MSTRPLAN. In turn, my artist moniker became MSTRMIND.
Your brand asks customers to question what they believe as fact,
Do you think there are powerful people out there who control world events, like the Illuminati or other organizations powerful enough to rule the world?
They may not be in cahoots with one other to create these all encompassing organizations like the “Illuminati”, but our world is definitely run by the powerful.

While I was looking at your designs I noticed a reoccurring theme that we should “trust the mstrplan”
What is The MSTRPLAN, What kind of message do you want customers to get from your brand and designs? 

The MSTRPLAN is portraying the bad guy. With the brand, I try to point out the powerful, corrupt, and the clandestine. Some of my designs may seem to glorify these things, but the real goal is to show customers and viewers that this evil, underhanded type stuff is actually present in our world. I feel like it’s a sort of ominous thing when you’re told to trust something or someone. When I tell others to “Trust The MSTRPLAN” I want them to question what they’re actually supposed to trust. 
With that said, I wan’t my customers to look beyond the ads, their computer and t.v. screens, and the hype. They can listen, but I want them to question what they’ve been told and have them choose what they want to believe. 

What has been the hardest part about setting up The MSTRPLAN? 
The hardest part about The MSTRPLAN has been time, honestly. The MSTRPLAN is a one man operation and as a full-time student and having a part-time job, I find myself not having enough time to do everything I’d like to do for the brand. This includes some marketing and promotional imagery I’d like to get done as well as reaching out to other avenues to get word out about the brand. All of my brand time goes to developing designs, brainstorming product, and other ends like processing and shipment. 
This is why I truly appreciate those like you, Mythos/Ivan, who take time out of their lives to aid others in their ventures. Thank you for this opportunity.

Do you believe the MSTRPLAN will open up the eyes of people, help them see that life is theirs to control?
I think there’s potential. Maybe they won’t to come to the realization that “life is theirs to control”, but if I can change someone’s perspective and perhaps have them see things in a different way, I would be happy.

If you had a chance to send one message and broadcast to the whole world, what would you say?
Never settle; as you progress in life, continue to work, continue to learn, and continue to question the world around you. 
Thanks to the MSTRMIND for his time, and sending a sample of a shirt. Great quality, with simple designs. Go buy some MSTRPLAN gear at http://themstrplan.com/ -FREE SHIPPING In the US-


I started this magazine idea just as a way to interview t-shirt owners and brands. I’ve been reading “How to Launch A Kick Ass T-shirt brand”. I like starting things, thats the best way to learn, sort of like learning from failure, but hey, at least I tried so and I know this isn’t really something I want to continue, it was more of an impulse start. 

Anyways, I will be posting the interviews up for the people who I have interviewed, here on tumblr. I apologize if it’s not exactly what I promised, but I I have learned so much from simple interview questions with a few t-shirt brand owners. I want to say I think you have all helped me realize this is something I want to get good at. I have been attempting to formulate my own brand, and T-shirt company. I am still figuring it all out, and every part is exhilarating. I love just doing things for the sake of building my own brand. I am way to devoted to this, I really can’t make the time to continue this any longer. 

Thank you all so much,


and stay tuned for the interviews



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